Error connecting to iCloud. What to do?

The other day, Apple technology users massively encountered problems when syncing data with iCloud. Some were unable to log in to their Apple ID account, others could not use the data backup function, and still, others did not work with individual applications that use cloud storage. Most devices gave the following error: Verification failed. An error occurred while connecting to iCloud. In this article, I propose to understand what is happening in general and what to do if a similar situation occurs in the future.

It turned out that users around the world faced problems connecting to iCloud. Various messages began to appear on forums describing a similar ailment. iCloud was down. Neither apps, photos, nor backups worked. It is clear that everyone thought about the problems with their device, but everything turned out to be a little more complicated.

Apple ID verification failed

Errors in iCloud operation do not occur so often, but such cases are not the most pleasant of what can happen to your equipment. Of all the reasons why this could happen, we single out the following:

  • Failures in Apple servers.
  • Internet connection problems on your device.
  • Wrong Apple ID password entered.
  • The device’s date and time are incorrectly set.

A few days back, the problem arose exclusively technical. The NetBlocks monitoring group first confirmed this and then by Apple itself. The company stressed that the error occurred to users worldwide and is not tied to specific countries.

This is the notification that started to appear on Apple devices.

Such errors are often corrected in the shortest possible time, so you don’t have to wait long. This time everything was decided in just a few hours. Personally, I have not encountered a problem at all. All equipment, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, worked regularly. The only thing that the Apple Watch showed in the morning was a notification: There were problems with the connection. Please try again later. I pressed the Digital Crown, and everything worked better than before.

Mac owners have also reported the problem. A notification with the text haunted them: This Mac can’t connect to iCloud due to a*** problem. Further, the system offered to go to Apple ID Settings, and the error repeated again.

An error occurred while connecting to the Apple ID server

I must say that such problems do not occur so rarely. On the official Apple forum, I was able to find error messages dating back to 2020. And under the button “I also had such a question,” more than 11k users signed up.

Check Apple Servers

If you encounter similar problems, the first thing to do is check the Apple servers.

For this:

  • Determine which service you are having problems with.
  • Go to the Apple System Status page and verify that there are currently no outages.
  • If the indicator opposite the service is yellow or red, this means that the problem lies here. In this case, it remains only to wait until the Cupertinians fix the problem.
This is what the System Status page on Apple’s website looked like yesterday.

Forgot my Apple ID password

Next, make sure you’re signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID password on all your devices. Keep in mind that if you try to log into iCloud using the wrong Apple ID password, it will automatically be blocked.

To reset your Apple ID password, you will need:

  • Log in to the Apple ID sign-in site on your computer.
  • Click the Forgot Apple ID or Password button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter the email associated with your Apple ID account.
  • Enter the phone number associated with the account.
  • Confirm the reset on any Apple device.
  • Enter a new password and confirm the procedure.

It is clear that this is far from the only way to reset your Apple ID password, but I personally like it the most.

iCloud is not working. What to do?

If everything is fine with the Apple servers, you remember the iCloud password, then check the Internet connection on your device. Periodically, such problems can occur during interruptions in the cellular network. If you are using a Mac – check your Wi-Fi connection; if you are using an iPhone or iPad – go to Settings, Cellular Data, and check if the toggle switch is turned on the opposite.

If you’re setting up a new smartphone and you get a message Failed to create an Apple ID or Failed to set up iCloud, then this means that during the year, you made more than 5 new Apple ID accounts on one device.

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