Best Task Scheduler Apps for Mac

Many of us can’t do anything without a list. Sometimes there are so many things to do in a day that it is challenging to keep all the tasks in mind.

This also applies to those who work at the computer all day. For those people, we’ve put together a list of the best task scheduling apps for Mac. The list includes both paid and free apps for every taste.

  • Things
  • OmniFocus 3
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft To-Do
  • 2Do


Things is one of the best apps in its category. It is simple, but it has many valuable features. It is elementary to use, thanks to a simple interface that will suit anyone.

You can easily and quickly add new tasks to Things from anywhere thanks to the Quick Entry feature. You can also create goals and add projects to them. You can track your progress as well. When creating tasks, you can add notes, make tasks regular, attach deadlines, add tags for easy search, set task priority, etc.

Things is one of the best scheduling apps, especially if you integrate your calendar into it.


OmniFocus 3

If you need even more features, OmniFocus 3 is the app.

It has a more traditional format that will take some getting used to. However, once you get used to it, you can use the full power of the application. There are many ways to sort tasks: by location, project, context, priority, people, and more. You can make tasks repetitive, and OmniFocus 3 also supports file attachments (graphics, video, audio). Thanks to this, you will definitely not lose the files associated with the tasks.

OmniFocus 3 is free to download and use for the first two weeks. Then you have to pay for the standard or professional version.



Todoist is another great app, especially for those who love automation.

The application contains all the essential functions, including the ability to add tasks by voice. However, the best thing about Todoist is the integration of other apps, including IFTTT, Slack, Zapier, Amazon Alexa, and more. The list of supported apps is over 60. The possibilities are endless.

Todoist is free, but a premium version is also available with additional features.


Microsoft To-Do

Quite a long time ago, Microsoft bought the Wunderlist program, on the basis of which the Microsoft To-Do application was developed. It recently became available for Mac as well.

Microsoft To-Do makes managing your tasks a breeze. You can create as many lists as you like and color them. All lists are available on all your devices with one account. Tasks can be broken down into steps, and there is support for files and notes.

There is a unique feature called Recommended Tasks, which reminds you of some of the tasks. The function selects tasks especially for you. Microsoft To-Do has synchronization with Outlook, which is very convenient. If necessary, you can share your lists with friends, family, or colleagues.



If you love the traditional style but do not want to understand complex programs, 2Do is for you. The app is similar to OmniFocus but much easier to use.

One of the best features of 2Do is the ability to create simple tasks, to-do lists, or even split projects. For each task, you can add notes, attach files, or even alarms. The app also has smart lists with filters. There is also support for tags for convenient sorting and many other features.

2Do is one of the most underrated apps in its category.


If the ability to share tasks is crucial to you, the app is best suited.

The app has a clear and user-friendly design that is easy to get used to. You can share lists or even individual tasks with friends, family, and colleagues. All changes are applied instantly so that you can work together in real-time. Synchronization is fast and reliable. There is also support for component tasks, and you can attach files, add notes, etc. The application will cope with everything!

You can download and use for free, but there is a premium subscription with additional features.


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