6 iPhone features that emerged from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our lives and other areas, such as culture and technology, and has also accelerated digitalization. We now work from home and spend even more time online, and we do not leave home unnecessarily. Apple turned out to be one of the companies that were forced to change plans in the course of the play: at the beginning of the pandemic, it was the delivery of products, and now there is a shortage of components, as a result of which there is not enough technology for everyone. In particular, the iPhone has also changed: we tell you what functions have appeared in the iPhone due to COVID-19.


Unlocking iPhone Apple Watch

Since masks became a part of our lives, unlocking iPhones with Face ID has become hell. To be more precise, this method has completely lost its relevance, as a result of which Apple already wants to abandon. However, iPhones with Face ID have not gone anywhere, and Cupertino has developed an original way to unlock using the Apple Watch. If you haven’t used it yet, be sure to turn it on to simplify your life a little.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select in “Face ID” and enter the passcode;
  • Activate “Unlock with Apple Watch.”

It is worth noting that the function does not work when paying with Apple Pay and when entering applications – you will have to remove the mask or enter the password code. By the way, Apple added the introduction of the code after the first unsuccessful Face ID authorization during the pandemic. Previously, you had several attempts before the passcode screen appeared.

IOS Contact Notification

Apple and Google have jointly developed a platform to somehow help users save themselves from COVID. The function works based on regional applications. It searches for smartphones connected to this program via Bluetooth within a radius of 10 meters and informs you if you were nearby with a sick person. In addition, you can notify the application yourself that you have picked up a covid to warn others.

QR Code for iPhone

Who would have thought that the ability to add the vaccination QR code to the iPhone would appear before a passport or driver’s license! The reality is that the vaccination code has become more important than any other document. In any case, for the next couple of years for sure. Frankly, Apple delayed adding the vaccination QR code to Wallet.

Memoji iOS 15

Apple added a new Memoji in iOS 15: now they have become more expressive, and there are stickers for all occasions. It’s no joke, but everyone’s favorite Memoji received a coronavirus update: in particular, Memoji got masks, so now you can change not only new clothes but also a mask in your avatar. In addition, Apple has found an original way to use animated characters: now they flaunt at the presentation of the new iPhone, filling the empty halls of Apple Park.

Apple Fitness +

Apple’s fitness service has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic, but it came in handy in our difficult times. Many companies from the fitness industry have started to move online to be in trend gradually. The self-isolation of last year showed how important this step is for everyone who does not want to go bankrupt. Apple got ahead of the curve again, launching the service before hitting the mainstream. And time has shown how right it was: exercising at home is practical and convenient, and subscription to workouts is cheaper than Apple Music. An excellent opportunity to keep yourself in shape without getting out once again in a packed fitness club.

Touch ID iPhone 14

Next year, we will see the return of Touch ID to the iPhone, with many rumors suggesting that Apple will embed a fingerprint under the screen. Whatever one may say, but this method of unlocking a smartphone is now relevant. Plus, Touch ID still has a lot of fans who just couldn’t fall in love with Face ID. On the one hand, Apple is changing the shoes again, bringing back outdated technology. On the other hand, there is nothing better than bringing back a proven iPhone feature. Do you want Touch ID back on your iPhone? Please share it with us in the comments.

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