10 Best Alternatives to Finder on Mac [2021]

Mac users have a love-hate relationship with the standard file navigation system, the Finder. The Finder is pretty handy, but Apple hasn’t added any new features for a long time. Third-party developers have taken matters into their own hands and released some great Finder alternatives. Below are the top ten.

1. Commander One

2. Path Finder 9

3. Forklift 3

4. XtraFinder

5. Nimble Commander

6. CRAX Commander

7. commander

8. Total Finder

9. FinderPath

10. HoudahSpot 5

1. Commander One

Commander One is just an excellent Finder alternative that will suit everyone. It is a file manager with two panels, which makes it very convenient to work with files.

Commander One also supports keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions that can be performed using the trackpad. This includes file interactions, highlighting, and navigation.

The program also has different topics. You can even change the colors of individual elements: font, highlight, and background.

Search is one of the best features of Commander One. You can search for files by name and by the content of the files, even if they are in the archive. Search parameters are configurable.

The paid version can link cloud storage like DropBox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. Recently there was support for Box.com, Backblaze, and others. Thanks to this, you will have convenient access to files that are stored on the cloud.

Built-in FTP manager allows you to connect to FTP servers. The combination with a dual navigation bar eliminates the need to switch between local storage and cloud storage constantly.

You can also open and edit files stored online, edit files from other devices, etc. Commander One will make working with files a pleasure for a vast number of functions. A free version is also available.

Download:  Commander One (Free) | Commander One (Pro version)

2. Path Finder 9

PathFinder has been around for 17 years. Path Finder 9 launched a new era for this program. It also has two-pane navigation, as well as access to bookmarks and hidden files. In PathFinder, you can also create your keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

Path Finder has an innovative feature that lets you copy and move multiple files at once. It is temporary storage for all files that need to be copied or transferred. This is very useful when you are working with files scattered in different folders.

In addition to the above, PathFinder contains all the features a powerful file manager needs. You can customize the interface, bind cloud storage (Dropbox only), use keyboard shortcuts, and more.

A distinctive feature of Path Finder is modules. You can move modules as you like and change their appearance and functionality. This makes Path Finder stand out from the rest.

Download:  PathFinder (30 Days Free)

3. Forklift 3

Forklift 3 is another good Finder alternative. It also has a dual navigation bar and customizable keyboard shortcuts. The navigation system resembles the Windows system that many prefer.

Forklift 3 can connect to FTP, SFTP, SMB servers, so you can easily manage all your files.

The program also allows you to delete programs and their residual data in one place conveniently.

Search supports archives and even files from servers. It’s powerful enough. Forklift also supports Amazon S3 and Dropbox.

Download:  Forklift (14 days free)

4. XtraFinder

If you want a simple Finder alternative with basic functionality, XtraFinder is the way to go. The best thing about this program is quick access to various functions through the toolbar and menus. This program can quickly display hidden files, hide the desktop, copy file paths, etc.

It is also worth noting the convenient copying and moving of files. Great for dealing with a large number of files. You can also customize the width of the columns. There are not so many customization options, but they are.

You can change the color of text, icons in the side menu and display folders above files, which is very convenient. Moreover, XtraFinder is free software.

Download :  XtraFinder (Free)

5. Nimble Commander

If you want the most efficient Finder alternative, we recommend Nimble Commander. With a wide range of valuable tools, the program is perfect for IT professionals and developers. Nimble Commander is faster than Finder. You can work with dozens of tabs and windows without any delay.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform various actions quickly. With this program, your productivity will double. Nimble Commander even has an admin mode that grants the root access.

Download:  Nimble Commander (Free, pro version)

6. CRAX Commander

This is another file manager with two panels. CRAX Commander supports SVN, FTP, and SSH. You can manage both local and files on servers. The program interface can be customized to your taste. The customization is also better than Finder.

You can even change the color of files and folders for easy organization. The program has a built-in editor as well as archiving functions. Overall, Crax Commander is a decent Finder alternative.

Download:  CRAX Commander (download)

7. DCommander

DCommander has all the features you need to make a worthy Finder replacement. It contains various tools to improve your productivity. For example, there is a search by file type and the ability to change the names of several files at once. Files can be edited directly in the program. There is support for FTP, SFTP, and SCP.

Download :  DCommander (download)

8. Total Finder

Total Finder is not a standalone program but an addition to the standard one. It adds tabs and a dual navigation bar to the Finder, and such a panel is a common feature of Finder alternatives.

If you were using Windows, you would immediately notice that the copy and paste functions are available by right-clicking. You can customize a keyboard shortcut that will open a Finder window from anywhere.

For ordinary users, the Total Finder program is best suited.

Download:  TotalFinder ( 14 Days Free )

9. FinderPath

FinderPath doesn’t have as many features as Finder, but there are other benefits. The program has a stunning and user-friendly interface. You can easily copy file paths and show hidden files and folders faster. Thanks to the recommendations, the program is elementary to use.

You can even use the Windows-style address bar right in the Finder. To do this, in the Finder window, use the keyboard shortcut CMD + G. The search function is also quite powerful. Best of all, the program is free.

Download :  FinderPath ( Free )

10. HoudahSpot 5

HoudahSpot 5 features powerful search capabilities. You can search multiple folders at once. You can also customize the columns in the search results list and exclude unnecessary ones. If you often need access to specific folders, this program is for you.

Download:  HoudahSpot 5 (download)

That’s all! All of the above programs are pretty simple and convenient so that you can choose any. We advise you to evaluate several and select the one you like.

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